PearPC bears fruit

According to Wired, a pair of clever kids in Aachen, Germany have made it possible for PC users to run PowerPC software. Not merely an API emulator like WINE, the open-source PearPC project is a full-fledged PowerPC-based virtual machine for x86 hardware.

Any software built for PowerPC may be run, but naturally, focus is on getting the PowerPC-only OS X to run on a PC. In just a week of public availability, many users have been able to do just that... very... slowly. PearPC's developers say that the software runs about 500 times slower than the host machine, and they point out that it isn't yet stable or complete. In their own words, no one should "use it on important data, it WILL destroy them sooner or later!" For now, the two say that PearPC is only a proof of concept, but later versions will show significant speed improvements.

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