AMD value line, 90-nm power consumption outed

AnandTech has posted some interesting information on AMD's future processors, including a new line of 32-bit "Value" chips that will be available for Socket A, 754, and even 939 platforms. Like their 64-bit cousins, the value chips will support the NX (no execute) security switch. The new chips will also be named according to a three-digit processor model numbering scheme that appears similar to Intel's upcoming Celeron model numbers.

In addition to exposing AMD's new value line, AnandTech also notes that Athlon 64 processors above 4000+ and FX-55 will require 104 watts/80 amps and run on 1.3 volts, suggesting that they're based on a new and possibly 0.09-micron processor core. The high wattage requirements also imply that AMD's 90-nano chips are suffering from the the same power consumption problems that have plagued Intel's Prescott Pentium 4.

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