Adidas puts microprocessor in running shoe

I've done a few marathons, so this story on Adidas' new "smart shoe" caught my eye. In development for three years, the Adidas 1 houses a microprocessor that adjusts the shoe's cushioning based on a runner's size and stride:
"This is the first intelligent shoe ever," said Erich Stamminger, global marketing director for Adidas. "It senses, understands and adapts." A microprocessor embedded in the shoe's arch drives a tiny screw and cable system that adjusts the heel cushion based on signals sent back by a sensor attached to a magnet. The system is powered by a battery that conserves power by adjusting the shoe in mid-air, during a runner's stride. The scheme is designed to reduce drag and avoid resistance from the ground.
Smart indeed. Of course, smarts don't come cheap; the Adidas 1 is set to debut this winter with a price tag of $250.
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