Miserly consumers, rejoice!

Did you ever pop over to Pricewatch to find the cheapest price on a stick of RAM, only to find out that the cheapest site wants to charge you $35 or more for ground shipping and handling? Well, it's time to party, because it seems the overpriced shippers sleep with the fishes.

If you want the skinny, check out the top message in this thread on the Anandtech forums. I know what you're thinking; what if it's just a BS post? Well, a quick Pricewatch query on some SDRAM seems to confirm it; not only were shipping prices about where they should be, but take a look at this link that appears for a price listing if the vendor doesn't specify shipping charges.

If you're lazy to click the link, I'll quote you a little bit: "No [shipping] price is listed either because: The dealer may not have had the time to list the price, OR... they are trying to play a game of charging excessive shipping fees to make up for the lowball price. If you call, and are quoted an outrageous fee we want to know -- and will take appropriate action."

I still managed to find some vendors that were overcharging on shipping (i.e. $21.95 for UPS Ground on a DIMM) but judging from the above, they're not going to be around very long. Let me just say the two things that I'm sure everybody else is thinking: "Woohoo!" and "About $#@!['ing time!"

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