Windows Server development VP talks 64-bit

The Inquirer pointed me to an interview with Bob Muglia, Microsoft's VP for Windows Server development, which reveals some interesting information about AMD64 and Intel's EM64T, the instruction set formerly known as IA32e. According to Muglia, simply moving from a 32- to 64-bit version of Windows is on average good for an 8% performance boost with 32-bit applications. There's also this interesting exchange on the merits of AMD64 versus EM64T:
Paul: Are you seeing any difference between AMD's [64-bit] stuff and Intel's stuff?

BM: Yes. [Smiles]

Paul: Would you care to clarify that? [Laughs]

BM: Well, AMD has done a good job ...


Muglia goes on to say that he expects customers to be happy with either 64-bit solution, but that AMD has definitely led the way.
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