SiS starts production of PCI-E south bridge

DigiTimes says SiS has begun volume production of its PCI Exress-ready 965 and 965L south bridge chips, the I/O component of the core logic chipset. These chips will be paired with the 656 and 756 north bridges for the Pentium 4 and Athlon 64, respectively. DigiTimes expects SiS-based PCI Express motherboards to arrive in July.

Meanwhile, south bridge chips from SiS rivals VIA and ALi are not quite there yet. VIA's VT8251 and ALi's M1573 won't begin production until the third quarter of the year. When the ALi south bridge does arrive, it "will be paired with ATI's north bridge," according to the report. The rumor mill would seem to suggest that Intel and SiS will have the jump on VIA and ATI/ALi in PCI Express support.

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