ATI to use 0.11-micron fab tech for low-end Radeon

Earlier in the week, DigiTimes reported that ATI had sourced flip chip substrates for volume production of a 0.11-micron graphics chip. At the time, there was no evidence to suggest which graphics chip would get the 0.11-micron fabrication treatment. Now, however, DigiTimes is claiming that the 0.11-micron graphics chip in question is ATI's RV370, otherwise known as the Radeon X300. Set to debut at Computex, the X300 is apparently a low-end product aimed at sub-$100 price points.

Experimenting with new fabrication technology on something other than a flagship product is nothing new for ATI. The company's initial foray into 0.13-micron chip manufacturing was with the mid-range Radeon 9600 series. However, the DigiTimes article also suggests that ATI's next generation of graphics chips, which aren't due out until 2005, will be built using a 0.09-micron fabrication process.

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