NVIDIA announces nStant Media notebook front-end

Today NVIDIA is taking the wraps off an interesting bit of multimedia technology that will let notebook users play back music, DVDs, and picture slideshows without even booting into an OS. Dubbed nStant Media, the multimedia front-end lets users boot into a simple GUI reminiscent of Microsoft's Media Center Edition version of Windows XP. From there, users can scan a system for multimedia content and view whatever they desire.

According to NVIDIA, using nStant Media for multimedia playback instead of Windows XP can lower a notebook's power consumption by an average of 10%. Part of that power savings comes from nStant Media's ability to leverage the on-chip video processing capabilities of NVIDIA's graphics products, so the front-end is currently only compatible with notebooks that feature NVIDIA graphics. However, NVIDIA expects to extend nStant Media's compatibility with future revisions. There's technically nothing to prevent the front-end from working with desktop or home theater PCs, either, though the front-end will initially only be available through notebook OEMs.

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