Pentium M boards pop up at Computex

TR Reader Pieter Weyand spotted a number of Pentium M motherboards in Hardware Analysis’ Computex coverage. DFI and Epox both had boards on display and Epox was even showing a Micro ATX board with three PCI and two DIMM slots. However, none of the boards appear to have AGP slots.

In other Pentium M news, EE Times is reporting that Intel has added a couple of Pentium Ms to its embedded processor line. The Pentium M’s ability to shut down dormant processor elements apparently make the chip ideal for embedded applications where low power consumption is extremely important.

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    • yokem55
    • 15 years ago

    If these price out below $150 and pick up an AGP slot, I’ll be getting one along with a 735 (can be had retail boxed for a touch under $300) and get a really nice performing silent box.

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