NVIDIA confirms no HDTV for 6800 series

Bit-tech has confirmed that NVIDIA's current GeForce 6800 products do not include HDTV support.
If you’re counting on HDTV working on your spanky new 6800, you’re out of luck: it has been confirmed this morning by Derek Perez of NVIDIA that the both the core and the existing reference board have no capacity to support an HDTV signal – though it is planned for the future NV43 & NV41 cores. If you are hoping a third party vendor is going to slap a discrete chip on there, you are likely to be disappointed because as far as we know no vendors are straying from the reference design.
There's also confirmation that the GeForce 6800 GT will run with a 350MHz core clock, memory at 1GHz (effective), and a full sixteen pixel pipes.
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