AGP is for Alderwood/Grantsdale Platform

AnandTech gets the scoop on some Intel 915-based mainboards sporting both AGP and PCI Express x16 slots. By exploiting an AGP video card's ability to work in PCI mode, boardmakers are hanging an AGP slot off Intel's ICH6 south bridge, using its PCI bus. ECS says it is possible to simultaneously use graphics cards in both the AGP and x16 slots, and in spite of losing some 2GB/s bandwidth on the 133MB/s PCI bus, AGP 8x cards should only see a performance penalty of 5% to 20%. Anand believes that a similar solution is being used with the new PCI Express chipsets from SiS and says that anyone seeking a full-speed, dual AGP/PEG x16 solution will have to wait for VIA.
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