No 3GHz G5s "anytime soon"

Tom Boger, Apple's Director of Power Mac Product Marketing, has confirmed that Apple will not meet Steve Jobs' 3GHz Power Mac promise "anytime soon."
"It's actually quite simple," said Boger. "When we made that prediction, we just didn't realize the challenges moving to 90 nanometer would present. It turned out to be a much bigger challenge than anyone expected."
On the mobile front, Boger indicated that the G5's massive heat sink would keep the chip out of the PowerBook notebook line through at least the end of the year. He also suggested that Apple would face a similar cooling "challenge" if it tried to squeeze the G5 into its iMac line.

Since cooling appears to be a major issue with the G5, I can't help but wonder how Apple is keeping its 1U Xserve G5 systems cool. Perhaps the systems use low-power G5s similar to AMD's Opteron HE and EE processors.

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