• RIAA wants digital radio copyright limits (thanks Ian)
  • Short-Media on buying into high-definition
  • PCTweaks on 64-bit processors (in German)
  • Monster-Hardware reviews Games X Copy
  • Rojak Pot reviews SimpleTech PC4000 Nitro dual channel kit
  • Dan's Data reviews Sunrich Technology "USB 5-in-1 eDVR" mini-cam
  • ExtensionTech reviews Logisys Xenix USB LED/fan mouse
  • CoolTechZone reviews GameDr Xcelerator motorized disc repair system
  • Overclockers Online reviews asetek KT03A-L30 Antarctica cooling kit
  • Extreme Overclocking reviews CoolTech Modula2 2F12F water cooling kit
  • OCIA reviews Foxconn AMD 3400+ heat guzzler
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