Infinium Labs had Texas offices?

The cold, HardOCP has an update on its legal battle with Infinium Labs. This latest bit of info pertains to the OCP's fight to set the venue for the lawsuit in the OCP's home state of Texas. Turns out, despite Infinium's prior claims made under oath, that the company has operated in Texas, as this report at explains:
The Atrium building located near US75 and Campbell Road is within easy access just north of the city limits of Dallas. I was able to get a tour of the office space from the office management and take as many photos as I liked. The space was empty and was available for lease. In one of the desks, Jason McDermott left a hat and a box of business cards with his name and the Florida address of Infinium Labs. While I was there, Infinium Lab's contracted leasing agent was showing the space to another group of interested persons. I talked to him at length about the space and the leasing arrangements. He was able to confirm directly to me that Infinium Labs had signed a leasing contract and had occupied the space for several months.
All of this means Kyle may well win the venue dispute, and the costs of litigation for Infinium would really escalate. Plus, hey, perjury.
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