500MB quarter-sized media coming

A company named DataPlay is planning to deliver a promising new storage medium which consists of a 500MB quarter-sized optical cartridge media which costs $5-10. Like most new media formats, they hope their media will be, “the floppy drive of the Internet appliance era”. Intended applications for the media include PDA, digital cameras, MP3 players, and other information devices.

It’s a nice idea, as competing mini-media formats don’t have copyright protection, are expensive, have short shelf lives, and/or have smaller storage capacities compared to the DataPlay media. With DataPlay’s 500MB capacity, you’ll be able to store 100’s of photos, 8+ hours of CD-quality mp3s, or other massive amounts of information.

Weighing against the new media format are the giants behind the CF, Smartmedia, Click!, and memory stick standards. DataPlay also doesn’t have any manufacturers signed on board yet, won’t have the product out until 2001, and hasn’t developed a rewritable version (the discs are write once, like CD-R). They'd better start moving quickly, or obscelence’ll flatten them.

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