Poll time: Upgrade tendencies

It's that time again; I've whipped up a new poll for your voting pleasure. But before we get into that, let's have a look at the results of our last poll on desktop storage configurations. Most voters are RAID-less, with 29% running a single drive and 45% running multiple single drives. 12% of voters are flirting with failure with a RAID 0 array, 3% are mirrored with RAID 1, 2% have a RAID 5 spread, and 1% enjoy the best of both worlds with RAID 0+1. An additional 7% of voters mix and match RAID arrays with single drives.

With our latest poll, I'm interested in upgrades. More specifically:

How do you generally upgrade?
Do you upgrade your system frequently or infrequently? Do you replace only one or two parts at a time, or gut the entire system? Go vote!
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