NVIDIA would like to sell you a bridge

...and the bridge they'd like to sell you, they say, is internal to ATI's PCI Express graphics chips. The Inq has one of the photos NVIDIA has been shopping around purporting to show an internal PCI Express bridge in an X600 (RV380) chip. Obviously, someone at NVIDIA has plenty of time on his hands and access to X-ray equipment—a scary combo. But then I know for a fact that ATI X-rays NVIDIA's chips, too. These guys are all spies!

I've squinted at this photo for a while, and I'm really not sure what to make of it. NVIDIA says the bridge is "bolted on", but these chip designs are modular, so what else should we expect? NVIDIA also claims the ATI internal bridge can't run at PCIe X16 bandwidth, but only AGP 8X speeds. Anyone with a good idea how to verify that should shoot me some mail.

One also wonders, seeing these accusations from NVIDIA, about the nature of the widely rumored NV45's built-in PCI Express interface. Perhaps NVIDIA drew from its own experience in developing its theories about ATI, no? Just asking.

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