Alienware reveals ALX benchmarks

This article at GameSpot tells us that Alienware has released performance numbers for the dual-video card system dubbed "Video Array." The document issued shows the 3DMark03 scores of an Alienware 3.4GHz Xeon system running one GeForce 6800 graphics card to that of one running two. With 8x anisotropic filtering at 1600x1200, the twin-card system scored 8538 3DMarks, beating the single-card system's 5992 3DMarks by 42 per cent. With 8x antialiasing added to the mix, the dual-6800 system's edge jumped to 77 per cent, scoring 3105 3DMarks to 1758. Further benchmarks may appear as we reach late Q3/early Q4 of this year, when Alienware expects to ship its VideoArray-enabled ALX systems, with out-of-this-world prices starting upwards of five thousand dollars.

Update: Individual test scores from the 3DMark03 suite are on the slide mentioned at GameSpot.

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