Ars tackles Intel's future processor plans

Ars Technica has put together a little PYAITK article on Intel's future processor plans that tackles Hyper-Threading on the Pentium M, leaky current, and dual-core Prescotts. Here's a snippet:
So the dual-core Prescott design is Intel's way of making lemons out of lemonade. Because Intel can no longer rely on clock speed increases to bring performance gains, they plan to take their flagship processor design and head off down the same multicore path as IBM, AMD, Sun, and the rest of the industry. And of course, the rest of the industry is going multicore because of the power-related problems outlined above. The whole industry is suffering from the same headache, and now everyone has settled on the same cure; Intel was so addicted to MHz that they were a bit late to come around, but come around they have.
In related news, Xbit Labs reports that Intel is already showing off dual-core Itanium 2 wafers. Code-named "Montecito," dual-core Itanium 2 chips are due out next year.
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