Black screens to make projectors go mainstream?

I have been wondering whether LCD and DLP projectors would be able to displace traditional big screen TVs, because they are relatively affordable and very, very sweet compared to most big-screen TVs. However, projectors generally aren't bright enough for proper viewing in a bright room. Sony has a new type of screen that may fix all that. Oddly enough, it's a black screen that doesn't reflect ambient light:
Sony engineers worked from the basic principle that projectors, like all TVs and monitors, form colors by blending three primary hues: red, green and blue. They came up with a filter that allows the screen to reflect only red, green and blue light. The other light in a room, such as white incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, isn't reflected.
So projectors may become workable in the average living room. Get your HTPCs ready!
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