Useless graphics card features pinpointed

The Elite Bastards are living up to their name with this look at the most useless video card features of our time. Some of the choices are obvious; some are smart, like the choice of the third texture unit on the Radeon; and some might be controversial. However, they've got a pretty solid argument for each choice, and this is a nice little overview of some technologies that never quite lived up to their potential—and some that never should have been born. Like, oh, I don't know...
The principle of HeadCasting was to bring communication via video conferencing or instant messaging to a new level, by allowing you to talk to the other person/people via a 3D rendered interpretation of your own head. In practice, it was never used, and the aforementioned 3D head was... well... bloody scary. The only real use I can imagine it being suitable for is terrorising small children and giving them nightmares.
Yeah, maybe that.
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