Not all bugs dead in Intel RAID?

Kyle Bennett at the cold, [H]ard|OCP has picked up on a rumor that Intel's ICH6R southbridge may be subject to a recall. NewEgg is pulling certain boards based on the 915 and 925 chipsets that use ICH6R, and two industry sources have informed the [H] that "something" is going on, but would not elaborate. Mr. Bennett has not personally observed the problem, but is in contact with Intel and other sources. He will reveal more information as it becomes available.

Update: Kyle has unearthed the cause of the problem, which is not the RAID controller itself, but the process used to make the ICH6RW southbridge. Unresolved problems in the fabrication of ICH6RW are leading to current leakage, which can prematurely drain the CMOS battery. Without battery backup, the BIOS will fall back to default settings that will not enable the RAID to boot. The [H] believes that some 100,000 boards are affected and being pulled from the channel. Intel has not yet made an official statement.

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