IE lowers shields, opens docking bay

In the most shocking news to hit the web community in a decade, news reports today revealed that a flaw in Internet Explorer could leave IE users vulnerable to attacks.

I know, I know, but they say it's real.

Apparently, Russian organized crime and/or possibly spammers are working to bring joy to the world thanks to the IE flaws and some security holes in Microsoft's IIS web server:

Researchers believe that attackers seed the Web sites with malicious code by breaking into unsecured servers or by using a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft's Web software, Internet Information Server (IIS). When a victim browses the site, the code redirects them to one of two sites, most often to another server in Russia. That server uses the pair of Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerabilities to upload and execute a remote access Trojan horse, RAT, to the victim's PC. The software records the victim's keystrokes and opens a back door in the system's security to allow the attacker to access the computer.
In response, one guy's wife will not be surfing today:
NetSec's Houlahan advocated drastic action.

"I told my wife, unless it is absolutely necessary and unless you are going to a site like our banking site, stay off the Internet right now," he said.

I'm sure the experts would tell you to take whatever action may be necessary with your own wife.
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