Alienware pledges dual plans for dual graphics

The folks at Alienware are not giving up on their dual-graphics VideoArray technology in the wake of NVIDIA's SLI announcement, nor are they planning to shun NVIDIA's new tech. Instead, they're committing to both technologies—provided NVIDIA's SLI is faster than VideoArray.
“Should Nvidia’s SLI technology ultimately prove faster than Alienware’s Video Array, we will offer it to our customers as soon as it becomes commercially available,” stated Frank Azor, senior vice-president and general manager of Alienware’s Worldwide Product Group. “Either way, we will continue to develop and optimize Video Array for all non-Nvidia graphics solutions, such as those from ATI, 3D Labs, Matrox, and any other manufacturers. Our sole interest is in offering technology that provides the very best computing experience possible to Alienware customers.”
Not a bad stance. I suspect that Alienware knows NVIDIA's solution is slightly faster and is already planning to offer both options to customers.
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