• Flexbeta on a new Windows XP theme (download here)
  • More on Apple's 30" Cinema Display HD (thanks Thresher)
  • Ars Technica on the .Mac gap
  • Designtechnica's editorial on TechTV
  • DriverHeaven interviews Valve's Doug Lombardi
  • Bj√∂rn3D reviews AOpen XCCube EZ18 nForce2 SFF system
  • SilentPCReview on AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Athlon 64 motherboards
  • DriverHeaven's ATI video cards shootout
  • Overclockers New Zealand reviews MSI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
  • HEXUS reviews Point of View NVTV (NVIDIA Personal Cinema tuner)
  • EXHardware reviews Steelpad 3S mouse pad
  • SilentPCReview reviews 470W OCZ Power Stream PSU
  • OcPrices reviews Mutant Mods lighting, cable, and fan
  • Futurelooks reviews Tt XTunner 4 fan speed by IR remote control kit
  • SilentPCReview reviews Scythe Samurai SCSM-1000 CPU cooler
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