New iMac generation coming in September

Apple's own web site reveals that an all-new iMac line is coming in September. The news has Mac rumor sites whirring with activity, predicting that the next-gen iMacs will have everything from wireless peripherals to G5 processors. However, a G5-based iMac seems unlikely considering recent statements made by Tom Boger, Apple's Director of Power Mac Product Marketing. Boger claimed that heat would keep the G5 out of notebooks through at least the end of the year and that Apple would face a "heck of a challenge" if it tried to squeeze a G5 into an iMac.

Boger's statements could have been a clever bit of misdirection, especially if he was only referring to 0.13-micron G5s and the current iLamp form factor. However, it seems unlikely that Apple would pin the iMac's future on IBM's ability to produce 90-nm G5 chips in volume. Apple might have better luck with lower G5 clock speeds and a new iMac enclosure designed specifically with heat dissipation in mind.

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