nForce4 specs revealed?

More unconfirmed specs for NVIDIA's upcoming nForce4 chipset have emerged at The Inq. In addition to supporting all Socket 754, 939, and 940, the chipset can apparently handle multiprocessor systems with up to eight Opterons. nForce4 will reportedly support a maximum of 32 lanes of PCI Express, which should be plenty for SLI junkies. Speaking of junkies, RAID aficionados should be impressed with the chipset's support for eight Serial ATA drives, six ATA drives, and all sorts of RAID goodness.

Oh, and a little thing called SoundStorm is apparently back:

As for sound freaks, this chipset will feature SP-10, Soundstorm 2 audio that will be Dolby Digital 5.1 compliant and it will be able to do EX effects at 20 GFlops processing power. Soundstorm 2 supports 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 speaker configurations.
The Inquirer reports that nForce4 won't arrive until the end of the year, and since these specs are unconfirmed, they could very easily change between now and then. Since the nForce4 will apparently be aimed at a wide range of platforms, some of which won't need all that PCI Express, GigE, or SATA support, I wouldn't be surprised to see NVIDIA release multiple flavors of the chipset.
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