• World of Warcraft beta test registration opens
  • Dell ships PCs with Lindows (thanks morpheus777)
  • Planet 64Bit compares NVIDIA Linux driver 1.0.5336 vs. 1.0.6106 - part 1 (in German)
  • IANAG's security tweaking program
  • Designtechnica's flat enough but not black enough editorial (displays)
  • SFF Tech reviews Shuttle XPC SB81P
  • RojakPot's desktop graphics card comparison guide rev. 6.0
  • AllAMD reviews ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 XT
  • HotHardware reviews eVGA Personal Cinema FX 5700
  • HardAvenue reviews HIS Radeon X800 XT & X800 Pro
  • DriverHeaven's low-end GFX shootout
  • Overclockers Online reviews Philips PSC724 Ultimate Edge
  • HTPCnews reviews 300W Ahanix SilenX 14db mATX PSU
  • Tech-Mods review Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02 case
  • PC Perspective reviews Thermalright NB-1C chipset cooler
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