Virtual computing to kill laptops?

Will the idea of hauling around one's own PC one day become a quaint anachronism? That's the hype for a virtual computing project at the Intel Research Pittsburgh lab. The concept, called Internet Suspend/Resume, seems simple:
By taking advantage of the Internet, distributed file systems and a concept called virtual machines, Internet Suspend/Resume allows a user to stop, or suspend, work on one computer and then move to another computer, perhaps at home, or even across the country, and instantly resume that work.

The computer desktop at the second machine would appear identical to what appeared on the first machine's monitor when work was suspended ---- the same programs and files open, even the cursor at the same spot.

Shh! Don't tell them about Windows Remote Desktop Connection! I already use it daily from a number of machines.

Seriously, though, a more virtualized, more universal means of moving around one's workspace would be a very nice thing to have. The setup they're working on involves sharing of data so that things like hard drive failures don't cause data loss. Combined with the virtual machine support reportedly planned for upcoming Intel processors, we could be living in a wildly portable, multi-user environment a few years down the road.

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