Poll time: Spam filters, trust, and attrition

Time for a new poll. Last time, we asked how often you upgrade. Most folks, 40%, chose "infrequently, one or two parts at a time." Second place was "infrequently, complete overhaul" with 31%. The early adopters picked "frequenty, one or two parts at a time" to the tune of 18%. The rest were insane, either upgrading their whole systems frequently (3%) or letting their significant others dictate their upgrade schedules (9%).

Now, I'm pondering how many legitimate messages I may miss due to spam filters, and how I really have no choice but to accept some attrition in the battle against spam. I can't even keep old filtered spam on hand more than a couple of months, or the mail folder file on my hard drive gets too darned big to manage. How do you cope with the deluge, and how much do you find yourself having to trust your filtering measures? Let the world know your preference.

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