Abit guy prompts renewed comparison

One of the cool things about the PC hardware world is that most folks working in it are hardware enthusiasts to some degree. Still, I was a little surprised to find this reaction to our Abit DuraMax AA8 review sitting in my inbox this afternoon—from the Abit guy:
I was surprised to see that you didn't compare the Intel latest LGA platform with AMD socket 939. Don't you get a lot of users asking you about the comparison too? I know right now LGA775 doesn't really offer any performance gain compare with S939, but I was hoping to see S939 compare with AA8 at 1.02Ghz FSB. :)
Of course, the man has a point. It's an interesting question. And so, if you go look at our AA8 review, you'll find it updated with scores for a Socket 939-based Athlon 64 3800+, the most direct competitor to the Pentium 4 560 CPU we used on the AA8.
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