Friday night topic: Driving stories

Back when I was younger and more obnoxious, I was being severely tailgaited down the highway early one evening by a humongous, black pickup truck. Driving in my little Honda CRX Si, the truck's bumper and grill filled my rear window. I decided to teach this driver a lesson, so I slipped in the clutch and tapped the brake pedal slightly, just enough to provoke a response. He slammed on the brakes so hard, I think he must have spilled his coffee in his lap or something. The massive grill took a sharp dive toward the pavement, and suddenly he wasn't riding three feet off my bumper anymore.

Next thing I knew, this massive redneck conveyance was bearing down on me at high speed, attempting to exact some revenge. He got as close as possible without contact, and may have been planning to tap me a littleĀ—or a lot. I avoided him as deftly as a could by changing lanes, slowing down, speeding up, and the like, but it took a while for me to shake this booger eater, especially because all this was taking place in a fair amount of traffic. Scared me a bit, because the guy was obviously willing to risk a serious accident for revenge. I almost regretted what I did, and I sure as heck wouldn't do it again. Still, every time since that someone has been riding up on me in a titanic SUV, I've been able to look back and laugh. You can't put a price on that.

I'm sure you guys have better stories than that. Any good ones? Discuss?

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