Weekend forum roundup

We're going to try a new feature to get some more regular content going on weekends, as well as to let you all know of interesting things that are happening in the TR forums. Every weekend, I'll be posting some links to interesting threads from the past week for you all to check out. This is by no means an exhaustive summary, but I'm hoping to hit some of the highlights. If you have any suggestions for this feature, send me an e-mail.

Folding Crate Farm — just brew it! has some pictures and specs on his "crate farm" for folding. He's hoping to find time to write a step-by-step article on the process so stop in and express your interest in the project.

Tokyo at Night — BIF has some cool pictures of a case mod he put together for his dual Opterons. He took a generic window case made it look really nice. Yes, this was posted over a week ago, but that color looks so good in the dark that it's something you shouldn't miss.

Kingdom of Loathing — The TR clan for this comical RPG is in full force. No downloads required so play anywhere you've got a net connection (just don't let the boss find out).

Photography Thread — Be sure to check out this thread, the TR regulars have posted some really nice photos that they've taken.

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