PC pioneer disappointed in current computing

Read this interview with Alan Kay, one of the original Xerox PARC researchers and a pioneer in personal computing, and see if you understand what he's saying. Kay is apparently rather unimpressed with computing today:
"We're running on fumes technologically today," he says. "The sad truth is that 20 years or so of commercialization have almost completely missed the point of what personal computing is about."
Kay says he wants computers to be used in creative ways, for simulating "interesting" ideas, and for education, and he thinks that's not happening now. If he is a crank or curmudgeon, he isn't just that, because he's working on creating new tools, as well. Still, I'm a little jarred by such talk about PCs not being used in creative ways. Has he missed vast swaths of computing today, or have we all missed seeing new possibilities?
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