Xbox live tops one million subscribers

Microsoft has reached an impressive console milestone, signing up more than one million subscribers for its Xbox Live online gaming service. This snippet from Microsoft's press release is particularly interesting:
As evidence of online gameplay’s mass appeal and growing importance in the digital entertainment landscape, Xbox Live reached the million-member mark three times faster than other subscriber-based entertainment services such as Home Box Office Inc., America Online Inc. and TiVo Inc.
Xbox critics can rail against the console's bulky form factor, game selection, and Microsoft's desire to dominate yet another market, but it's hard to slag Xbox Live. Paying a subscription fee for online gaming may seem alien to PC gamers, but the console crowd is clearly enamored with the service. It doesn't hurt that Microsoft continues to update and expand Live's content and features, either. Heck, I'm tempted to get a few months of Live service just to play Doom 3 co-op.
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