Friday night topic: Handicapping DOOM 3

BranchingFactor writes:
Now that Doom 3 has gone gold, a lot of people (including myself) are going to upgrade their Ti4200's to play Doom 3 in its full splendor.... But we're all wondering which card to buy.... No wishy washy hedging, a direct recommendation for the best card to enjoy Doom 3 to its potential. Time for a TR article on this exact topic! Which card would you recommend to buy today? What if we're willing to wait a month? Will some much better card be available? What would you do if it was your cash on the line and you know Half-Life 2 is imminent? You get the idea.
Well, I really don't know. That's why we run the benchmarks, and we haven't benchmarked DOOM 3 yet. So who knows?

Here are some thoughts, off the top of my head. Both the GeForce 6800 and current Radeon series will play the game very well, most likely. Some folks will point back to the ancient DOOM 3 benchmarks that were published way back when and try to key on those, which I think is silly. Others will look to the GeForce FX/6800 series' ability to do multiple Z ops per clock as an advantage for DOOM 3 shadowing, but they'll forget that ATI cards can do something similar once antialiasing is turned on. And still others will look at NVIDIA's patently superior OpenGL drivers and say that will decide things. But, of course, ATI's cards are very fast and capable, and their driver team surely hasn't been ignoring DOOM 3.

Who do you think will have the faster cards for DOOM 3, and why? What card would you buy if you had to upgrade today? In a month? Discuss.

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