DISCover hands-on report surfaces

Right here is what I believe is the first hands-on look at a device using the DISCover system that attempts to turn a PC into a gaming console for the living room. This guy is using an Alienware DHS box, a living room PC that looks like a DVD player. He likes the user experience and seems optimistic about the prospects for a revival of PC gaming through DISCover-based devices:
It’s high time that the computer stop lurking in the shadows of dusty computer desks in forgotten rarely-used bedrooms. If PC gaming is going to survive it’s going to have to do so in the well-lit family rooms and dens of America right along side the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox – and this looks like a great way to start.
I'm still skeptical about DISCover's ability to simplify game installation, patch management, driver updates, and other PC quirks sufficiently, but maybe it can be done.
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