Weekly Folding update

As proven by our recent surge in the fight against SAGoons, regular reminders of our Folding team's efforts have contributed mightily to our progress. Damage has asked me to contribute a weekly progress update about Team TR. Every week, I'll note our new members and top producers, and I'll link into hot threads on the distributed computing forum. As new articles and tutorials become available, they will be publicized and linked to here on a weekly basis. All stats will be gathered noonish Monday from ExtremeOC.

  • New members: Saul, El_JoJo, SDM_SERVER, Joeg_7, SphincterBoy, mobile, Enigma48, Unagi, wolfpakz, Mikee, Antman, mike8763, Technophobe, VFS04, SchizzAir, TRMinnesota, DragonFli, TheBank, jovin6, Upwardbound, Dowds, LeftyAssassin, Hell_Spawn, cupp, jellybelly_D, kb4less, delose, Anand, TRFrankenbot, jingram, Pars, n8
  • The top 10 weekly producers, listed 1-10: Looking_For_Knowledge, TheJuggernaut, idchafee, drfish, Haggis!, Mstrmold, emkubed, pmeysemb, Leor, FinalDevelopment

    If you're not on the list, get cracking!

  • Hot threads in DC: Leor vs. Haggis in a Steel Cage Deathmatch, The Tech Report vs. SAGoons

  • Frankenbot progress: The Frankenbot project is a way for all of us at TR who possess numerous odds and ends stuffed into our respective parts closets to combine these leftovers into cohesive juggernaut of Folding power. So far, two bots have been assembled, with a third nearly completed. Collections have begun for a fourth. Note the TRFrankenbot line in the new members listing. In subsequent weeks, this stat will be listed here, so if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at howarddrake@techreport.com.

Thus ends the first edition of the Folding Weekly. Feel free to mail in topics, suggestions, or corrections. Let's get back in the Top 10 quickly!

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