On breaking Intel's overclock lock

Last Friday, AnandTech posted an interesting article shedding some light behind the overclock lock allegedly present on Intel's 925X / 915 chipsets.
Since the first reports of Intel's overclock lock, the web has been buzzing with speculation about what Intel did and how to fix the lock. There has been so much misinformation, partial truths, and downright confusion regarding the lock that it's time to set the record straight.

Asus and Abit have been most successful so far in finding ways around the lock, so we spent some time with both companies to determine what they have found and how they are bypassing the lock. How do we measure success? It is simply a matter of performance. Abit has managed to produce a 925X that is capable of a 258 CPU Frequency.

According to engineers from ABIT and ASUS, PCI Express, north bridge, south bridge, and SATA frequencies are speed bumps along the way to overclocking nirvana. Based on its conversations with ABIT and ASUS, AT gives you some ideas on how to overcome these obstacles in order to wring maximum performance out of your Alderwood and Grantsdale systems.
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