Rambus' XDR memory targets graphics cards

The graphics cards of today and tomorrow seem to have an insatiable need for memory bandwidth. X-bit labs is reporting that Rambus is aiming to provide the solution with its XDR memory interface.
“Graphics seems to be one of the important initial targets for XDR, as graphics applications today have nearly unlimited need for bandwidth out of a single DRAM. Networking is another important market as networking cards need high bandwidth but low capacity,” a source close to Rambus and GPU makers told X-bit labs.

“Rambus has been in discussion with many different graphics processor manufacturers about XDR memory. There are not many choices for high-speed memory for GPU manufacturers, so it is natural that they would like to know about XDR and what it offers for their products,” the source noted.

PC Watch has snagged some slides from RDF Japan. Notably, Sony's PlayStation 3 is already committed to using XDR memory.

Meanwhile, the outlook for Rambus seems bullish. Last week, Rambus reported Q2 2004 earnings per share as 8 cents compared to 4 cents in Q2 2003 and up from 7 cents in Q1 2004. Moreover, net revenue for Q2 2004 was $35 million, up $7 million from the previous quarter. Net income for the second quarter of this year was $8.3 million (24% of revenue.)

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