Albatron claims 915G overclock unlock success

I not sure what to make of this talk about an overclocking lock in the Intel 915/925X Express chipsets. Obviously, our experience with the Abit AA8 motherboard was a breezy walk in the park, but other boards seem to cause more problems. Asus and Abit appear to have found their ways around the lock, to some extent, on their 925X mobos. Now, Albatron is claiming similar success with its 915G mobo. But read the press release, as reproduced in its entirety below, and things don't sound quite right:
Recently, a mainboard from Albatron Technology revealed a stunning secret to Intel’s 915G chipset. Originally believed to be clock-limited, the 915G chipset’s maximum FSB was said to be limited to 800 MHz. Consequently, this had dashed any hopes of overclocking potential for enthusiasts and gamers.

However, Albatron mainboards have been known for their generous BIOS overclocking options and with the PX915G Pro mainboard, this was no exception. It was a setting in the PX915G Pro’s BIOS utility called the “NB Voltage” option that revealed the trick to breaking through the 915G’s clock barrier. It was found that gradual increases in this setting allowed the system to maintain stability as the system stepped up to the higher FSB settings.

This startling revelation will undoubtedly open new doors for Intel 915G chipset mainboards and significantly increase the potential for overclocking.

So they're raising the north bridge voltage and going over 800MHz—but by how much? More than 10%? Is that all they're doing, or are they just playing their cards close to their chest? We'll see if we can get some answers out of them.
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