Shuttle's XPC sales grew by ~50% over last year

Shuttle's German press release reports that sales of its popular XPC line during the first half of this year were up almost 50% compared to the same time last year. Shuttle says that it has sold a little over 300,000 XPC units and expects to sell 700,000 SFF systems by the end of this year. However, X-bit labs is reporting that number is down from the anticipated figure of 750,000 made earlier by Shuttle.

Nevertheless, Shuttle expects the introduction of the P and G5 models to make some inroads into the home, busines, media center, and gaming sectors of the market. Moreover, Shuttle has selected ATI's Radeon 9100 IGP platform to power its new line of custom-built XPC systems. These new models are the multipurpose G4 6100 and K 6200, which is targeted for the home entertainment market.

Update: You've wanted it, and now Shuttle has delivered the XPC SN95G5, an SFF system based on the Athlon 64 with Socket 939 sitting proudly atop NVIDIA's nForce3 Ultra. The press release is in German, but the pictures and specs are in English. Thanks to Decelerate for the catch.

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