AT reviews Intel's 90nm Pentium M 755

AnandTech takes an in-depth look at Dothan's latest incarnation, the Pentium M 755. It's actually a pretty good overview of Dothan's architecture. AnandTech is helpful in breaking down the Pentium M model numbering system which can be somewhat... confusing, but AT manages to distinguish between the Banias and Dothan cores.

Naturally, what some of us really want to know is how well Dothan, which was specifically designed for notebooks, can hang with the current crop of desktop CPUs. AT provides the benchmarking results, but even though the Pentium M is electrically compatible with the Pentium 4, it is not pin-compatible with the Pentium 4's FSB. At present, it won't be possible to run a Pentium M in a Socket 478 motherboard. However, Anand writes...

That being said, there's nothing stopping a motherboard manufacturer from producing a desktop motherboard that supports the Pentium M processor - because once again, the Pentium M is electrically compatible with the Pentium 4 and should thus work with any desktop Pentium 4 chipset.
Perhaps the best nuggest is saved for the last page where Anand lets slip that such a SFF system may already be in the works. Stay tuned.
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