Intel to bundle motherboards with ATI cards

We've heard persistent rumors about some kind of graphics-related cooperation between Intel and ATI for some time now, and we were somewhat surprised to see that the new graphics core in its 915G chipset appears to be Intel's own design. Perhaps the source of some of the rumors is the co-marketing agreement DigiTimes is reporting between Intel and ATI.
Intel and ATI Technologies plan a co-marketing initiative called “Driving Change,” which will target the channel and bundle Intel own-brand motherboards with ATI own-brand add-in-board (AIB) clients, according to sources at Taiwanese motherboards makers.

The plan, which will kick off on August 2 in North America and Europe, will offer channel distributors discounts of US$20 or US$30, depending on the motherboard models.

This agreement won't affect retail sales of mobos or graphics cards, but it may affect the mix of components that goes into off-the-shelf PCs. The bundles look to be all-PCI Express affairs, with discrete X300 or X600 graphics cards hooking up with Intel 915 and 925X-based motherboards.
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