Friday night topic: Gadgets

Do you have an iPod habit that you just can't kick? Has your cell phone grown into your side and become an official appendage? Do you engage in PDA with your PDA? Thresher suggested we talk about our gadgets for this week's weekly off-topic discussion.

Personally, I rely on my cell phone rather than a land line for both business and personal use, and I don't mind having the wireless web so I can read news clips on the john. Beyond that, it's just a phone. I also really enjoy taking pictures with my Canon G3 camera, and my Compaq X1000 laptop is stellar for computing on the go. But I'm not really a gadget guy; I spend too much time in front of a PC. If I were, though, I'd pony up for a Treo 600 and experience mobile bliss. What about you?


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