Weekend forum roundup

Welcome to another edition of the weekend forum roundup. I've got five threads today to get you started on a fun-filled weekend of hanging out here at TR. Of course, these weren't the only busy threads this week, so take some time and browse around. I'm sure you'll find many interesting things. Remember to send me an e-mail if I've missed some threads you think everyone should see.

TR members picture thread — Be sure to stop in and see some of the faces around The Tech Report forums. Be sure to post your mugsh... err... beauty photo so that you can be admired as well.

Pennsylvania summer get-together — Ithkul_prime and HowardDrake (our ever busy Activities Director) are looking for interest in a get together for the Pennsylvania area. If you live nearby, be sure to attend as these events are always entertaining.

Best gaming LCD — Popobumm is looking for an LCD to game on, and there are a multitude of suggestions. There's also some good discussion regarding the differences between the Dell 2000FP and 2001FP. I've been wanting one of these for a long time.

Secure hard disk formatting — nulfire is looking for utilities to completely erase hard drives, so that data recovery is difficult if not impossible. Check it out if you've got any recommendations or if you're just looking for something similar.

My day job — Last, but certainly not least, I started a thread earlier in the week talking about what I do when I'm not hanging around The Tech Report (although sometimes I do both; don't tell my boss). In case you were ever curious, now you can find out!

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