Weekly Folding update

Welcome to week two of our continuing folding coverage. Since last week, we've really stepped up our efforts and, for the moment, forced SAGoons into retreat. As of today, we're the number seven overall producing team with five conquests in our sights. First up on the list is DSL Reports Team Helix with PC Perspective.com Folding Team a mere month beyond them. The end of September and October will be definite times to celebrate our efforts. Of course, most of us addicts won't be satisfied until HardOCP is on our conquest list, so don't let up.

Here are the new members, top producers and link into hot threads on the folding forum. All stats will be gathered noonish Monday from ExtremeOC.

  • New Members: Ted_the_Mechanic, DefFox, BlackPearl, ElPuerco, Barrington_Womble, Akaviri, user, willox2112, the_great_saiya_cow, Corith, woodworker, MrRecon, Tamale, Pete, BigGuy1256, Julio_TR, mindgamez, xsaaber, chris_beeck, wrx
  • Conquests: DSL Reports Team Helix, 57 days; PC Perspective.com Folding Team, 87 days; Team Short-Media, 196 days; Maximum PC Magazine, 364 days; Team Rage3D, 891 days. Lets see if we can shorten these days, and add to this list.
  • Threats: None! Nice work!
  • The Top 20 Producers, listed 1-20: Looking_For_Knowledge, Mike_Sterling, TheJuggernaut, drfish, emkubed, idchafee, Haggis!, LordIcon, pmeysemb, Leor, Steel, Slymaster, HowardDrake, AmishRakeFight, FinalDevelopment, Dr_Evil, Atryus28, Mud_Monster, TheBank, Mstrmold

    If you're not on the list, get cracking and see your name listed here! Remember, it's all for science.

  • Hot Threads in DC: The death of the SAGoons threat, The Birth and Rise of SteelForce, Leor vs. Haggis, Round 2 (With Pictures!)
  • Frankenbot Progress: The Frankenbot project is a way for all of us at TR who possess numerous odds and ends stuffed into our respective parts closets to combine these leftovers into cohesive juggernaut of folding power. We still have two bots running, with the third coming online this week. The fourth is just about complete, as well, and efforts have begun on a fifth.

    Frankenbot Stats: #344, 1541 points last week, Total points 2,247, Total WUs 34

    Nice beginnings for the project. Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at howarddrake@techreport.com.

Thus ends the second edition of the Folding Weekly. Feel free to mail in topics, suggestions, or corrections. Let's get back in the top 10 quickly!

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