New cable ISP services bring tiers of joy

Yesterday, Time Warner Cable announced RoadRunner Premium, boosting speeds from 3Mbps down/384Kbps up in the standard package to 6Mbps/512Kbps. Depending on the customer's bundle of services, RoadRunner premium will cost $65-$85/mo. Upper-tier service will be rolled out to the majority of TWC markets next month.

Not to be upstaged, today Comcast took the opportunity to point out its new, aptly-named 4Meg service, bringing customers from the standard 3M/256k to 4M/384k. Prices will vary by market, but the 4Meg package starts at as little as $53. Comcast also plans to sweeten its deal by bundling "nearly unlimited storage" of digital photos at its Photo Center and as many as seven email accounts with up to 250MB storage with the service. A full U.S. rollout of 4Meg is slated for September.

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