NASA nabs 10k-node Itanium 2 cluster

Opteron and G5 clusters are all the rage these days, but Itanium is getting a little love thanks to SGI and NASA. The space agency has chosen SGI's Altix Itanium 2 servers as the basis for a 10,240 processor cluster.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (July 27, 2004) — Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI) today announced that NASA has chosen SGI® Altix® as the foundation of Project Columbia, an extensive collaboration with SGI and Intel Corporation that is expected to fuel scientific breakthroughs in space exploration, global warming research, and aerospace engineering. With Project Columbia, NASA plans to integrate a total of twenty 512-processor SGI® Altix® systems with a 500-terabyte SGI® InfiniteStorage solution to create the Space Exploration Simulator, which will be among the world's largest Linux® OS-based supercomputers. Powered by a total of 10,240 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, the Space Exploration Simulator will equip NASA scientists with one of the most sophisticated and capable supercomputers in history.
The cluster will apparently be completed in a few months and NASA will make a portion of the system's resources available to the broader US science and engineering community. Folding, anyone? Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.
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