ATI OpenGL improvements to come incrementally

We talked a little about OpenGL performance when we interviewed ATI's David Nalasco back in May, so I thought I'd ping him for an update in light of the benchmark results from DOOM 3. I asked whether ATI is planning a rewrite of its OpenGL drivers. His answer:
Regarding Doom 3 and our OpenGL drivers, I think it's fair to say that performance improvements are coming, but it's not likely that we're going to one day just release a completely new and redesigned driver. Over the last couple of years our policy has been to release frequent, incremental driver updates, and we expect this to continue since it has worked very well so far. It lets us roll out changes gradually, and respond quickly if we discover any problems. It also ensures that we can maintain our high standards of stability.
So ATI will be taking an incremental approach. I'm curious to see whether ATI can match NVIDIA's performance with its competing products. Time will tell... bit by bit.
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